WEEK 5 – Beat Processing & Intro to FX

This lesson we started to have a look at some basic beat processing techniques as well as and intro to effects processing and how they could be implemented into a production.  These effects included EQ (short for equalisation), compression, time based effects such as delay and reverb, and distortion (saturation and redux).  We have already been shown some basic examples of these in Michaels DOS100 and DOS110 classes, but it was good to get an even deeper understanding of how these effects work, as Michael didn’t show examples for each of these effects.

I have already been playing around with these effects for some time now in my own productions, but through Fl Studio.  I have only just started to get my head around the “Ableton” way of doing things ;).  Hear are some examples of these effects :

Ableton’s native EQ (used for removing unwanted frequencies or boosting frequencies):

amb_eq_8lr-widening.png__500x216_q85_crop_subsampling-2_upscaleFl Studio’s native reverb plugin: (puts a sample or instrument into an acoustic space)


A Delay effect: (makes a sound repeat over time at a fixed rate)

Free Download 🙂



A Compressor: (makes a sound louder or softer)

(also available for Free Download) 🙂


And last but not least…

A distortion plugin: (makes a sound sound more gritty and harsh)

(also freee)



All of these effects shown above are used to process and polish up a sound to make it musically and audibly pleasing.  My favourite type of effect has to be Reverb, as it can make a sound, sound really spacey and atmospheric.  But this can also be achieved by using a Delay effect as well.

Hear is a cool video that shows you what natural reverb can do to a sound:



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